E-ticaret Sektöründe Nitelik

e ticaret sektöründe nitelik

To become a “lion” in the e-commerce sector you don’t need to spend your years by working on small problems for hours to try and gain that inherited experience.

It is not important to know how many colored cables there are in a network cable or know how and when the internet was born; what is a data bus, cpu or a memory; what is a brand, what lies behind perception and communication an even how a cell phone works. It is enough to memorize a couple of cliché words by attending one or two seminars and reading 2-3 blogs. “Social media, web 2.0, google adwords, mobile marketing..”

It is enough to be an e-commerce lion to mention 4-5 project/company leader names in your conversations like Mahir or Emre. In reality Mahir does not know you and Emre did not even listen to you. Is it important at all? Then start claiming the sector is too big. What is big, the cups you get? Or is it measured in cm?

The sector is just enough for surfing now and unfortunately not as deep as a well . Are there any missing factors that create depth?

I would like you to look at a study that won a Nobel prize:

Dunning-Kruger Syndrome .Nobel award winning Psychological study

Psychologists Justin Kruger and David Dunning became a part of history with their theory of, in summary, say that “Ignorance, contrary to the real knowledge, increases the person’s self-confidence”.

These are the findings unearthed by the studies done in various fields like text analysis, driving, playing tennis etc:

-Unqualified people cannot realize how unqualified they are.
-Unqualified people tend to exaggerate their qualifications.
-Unqualified people cannot see and understand the really qualified people.
-If they are given enough education to improve their qualifications, the same unqualified people start realizing their own unqualified-ness…

Evaluation Weakness:
The two experts later found the opportunity to test their theories. They applied a test on the 45 students of the University of Cornell, they asked them various questions. Then they asked the students to guess how successful they would be at the end of that test.

It revealed that the most unsuccessful ones (who answered only 10% or less correctly) believed that they thought they answered 60% correctly and on a good day they could even reach 70%.

The modest subjects were the best ones ( who answered at least 90% correctly), they thought they could answer 70% of the questions correctly. (Note: Dunning and Kruger won the Nobel prize with this work in 2000.)

The hard workers are incapable of evaluating their own capacity and realize what they really lack. But real desperate thing is that this “incapacity + not knowing your limits” cocktail , professionally, creates an irresistible driving force. Career-wise it becomes a plus from a minus.

The incapable person who believes that he is so good at this work, will not be bothered in the least to praise his accomplishments, to jump forward for everything work and to aspire for any task that is a thousand miles over his head. On the contrary, he will see it as his right.

In the mean time, real knowledgeable and talented people will be unfair to themselves by being “too modest” in their business lives, they will not come forward, will not aspire for higher duties by themselves, will wait until their values are appreciated ( when this does not happen they will resent and pull back more) and will be accused with “lack of desire” by their managers.

In the end, “incompetent ambitious” people will always move faster go higher and higher every time and everywhere. Look around you, will you agree with the experts?

5 comments to Qualification in the E-Commerce Sector

  • Nil Ülengin

    senin gibi bir arkadaşım olduğu için gurur duydum 🙂
    harikasın 🙂

  • tanzimo

    diğer yazının cevabında belirttiğim cons yard örneği burada daha da geçerli olmuş 🙂

  • fallen

    Bu tür yazilari ve yaklasimlari ayakta alkisliyorum. dunning-kruger ikilisinin bu arastirma draftiyle cikislarida ayri bir hikayedir (kendi hayatlarindan esinlenerek bu arastirmaya baslamislar ve Cengiz Bey’in de deyimiyle “aslan” gibi üstünde tezler hazirlanan bir sendroma isimlerini vermislerdir)
    Cehalet gercek anlamda bir virüstür ve dünya üstünde oldugu gibi profosyonel hayatta da hizla yayilmaktadir. Fark yaratmak isteyen, mütevaziligini, caliskanligi, azmi is ahlaki olarak benimsemis (baska bir calisma sekli oldugunu, ‘kuzu’ olmayi kabul etmeyen), herseye ragmen vizyon sahibi olan ve bunu paylasmaktan korkmayan gercek “aslan”larin ormanlarini sahiplenme zamani gelmis ve gecmektedir. Kutluyorum.

  • zeynep demirci

    dunning ve kruger’dan yüzleeeerce yıl evvel, eski ahit diyor ki:
    “çok hikmette çok keder var, bilgi artıran dert artırır.”

  • 2 söz aklıma geldi. “Cahil cesaretli olur” ve “Bilmediğini bilmeyen tehlikelidir”

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