Internetin Ruhu Geriden Geliyor

internetin ruhu

The first Computer;

When I had my first computer in 1987, I was attracted by the simulation games mostly. Power at sea, Ace II, Ace of aces, later came with Amiga, F18 interceptor, F14 Falcon, Fighter Bomber, Wings, Battle of Britain, Gunship 2000, The Hunt for Red October, Das boot and many others…

The first Computer People;

Once, the FM transmitters and vu-meters that I built on copper plates by keeping electronic circuit parts in the FLC3 during nights and the simulation games were changing into a love for computers while Yazıcıoğlu Is Han was changing into a computer store from electronics store. I spent my days with Lütfi Birses, one of the oldest of the Han, I was having chats with Amiga and PC lovers like Sinan from Uygar Computer and Oğuz from Joy Computer. There was no internet. I was dreaming: “There will a place where people share their information, find the information they need and even play simulation games together”.

The first Hardware

One day I and my class mate from Saint Joseph Bulent were coding some basic and assembler programs while drinking my grandmother’s beautiful tea. The tea cup tipped into my Amiga. There was nothing to do. I opened the computer .I dried it .And at that moment I understood that the computer was used one. There were cold solders in it. It was connected with 3.5 driver picks. Then I met with the hardware and we are still together. Now I can interpret not only desktops, notebooks, servers but also iphones.

First Network and Internet;

It was the beginning the 90s. Orkun, my precious neighbor that used to spend my whole days with, and I decided to connect the Amigas together. We asked and searched and build a Null modem cable to set up our first network. The cable distance could not be more than 1.5m because then the connection was falling. Now the simulation games were played with 4 people, 2 pilots and 2 co-pilots .Or was not enough .The internet was coming to life. We were on the internet with the 33.600 External USRobotics modem that we bought for 300 plus dollars. With Amiga OS. Then came the PC hegemony. The first BNC that we built at home with the ISA network card we bought from Lütfi and use IRQ of DOS and then our UTP network. Quake parties, Red Alert periods. Days of IRC and ICQ when we wrote the history of social media…

The First Web Page;

I am surrounded with people asking me “I will buy a computer, what should I buy?” or “How much will it cost to make a web page?” and I have a ad web site idea in my head., that I began with the question of “Will you be the head of the project?”, that I took its name and wrote “We will grow a lot” on the wall behind my desk and I grew it…

Years ago my dentist friend Sinan told me the following story:
A group of archeologists start their journey for a research with a couple of Indians. They travel quickly on the road to the Temples without a break because the time is important to them. After taking some more way with high tempo, the Indians suddenly talk between them and sit down and start waiting. European archeologists cannot understand it. When they ask the Indians what is wrong, they get this answer:
“We moved too fast, our souls are left behind. We are waiting for them to catch up”.

Year 2010 .In our country, the people who have no idea about internet, who have no background about it rule now. There is at least 5 more years to see the reality. At least 5 years for that spirit to catch up with me.

3 comments to The Spirit of Internet Comes Behind

  • tanzimo

    birşeyi başlangıcından beri, senin de içinde olduğun bir etkileşimle, eklediklerinle öğrenmek ile, hazır olarak sonradan içine dahil olmakla arasındaki hissiyat farklılığıdır o ruh! öyle bir ruhtur ki, seninle birlikte ölmez, ürettiklerinde yaşar, yaşadıkça da ürettirir.

    En büyük sorun matrix dünyasının kantonlara ayrılmışcasına her ülkede farklı oluşumu. Ve ülkemizdeki oluşum, senin bahsettiğin vizyona hitap etmediği için, bizim gibi düşünenler; hep proje bazında kalmaya ya da en acısı projeleri çalınmaya mahkum kişiler olacaktır.

    Fakat değişen birşey olmayacak. Bütün tanklar sana ateş ederken senin namlun hep construction yard da olacak (generals zero) ve boşuna ölmemiş olacaksın.

  • Bilginin ve tecrübenin üzeri örtülemiyor. Bütünü anlayamayanlar, senin de dediğin gibi eninde sonunda yanılıyorlar. Bu noktada zaten ölmek, doğmak oluyor bir bakıma. “Beyaz Gandalf” gibi, Mozart gibi. Yorumlarına içtenlikle katılıyorum.

  • selcan

    Seviyorum seni insana değer veren canlı 🙂

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