Web Sayfası Yapmanın 3 Kuralı

These headlines make me sick the most: The 10 golden rules of success in business. Techniques to use your time right in 20 steps. Set up a holding in 5 stages. Lose 20 kg in 3 days. Go to moon in 7 days. You should pass them all. Whatever you do in whatever the sector your ideas are for, there is only one truth. And it is “Brand”.

Today, the people who called themselves as marketing managers and brand manager measure their fame with the size of the company they work for and the amount of the budget allocated to them. Their success cannot be measured because mostly they don’t measure the return of the money they spend. Money is spend needlessly. Their old and new friends at the PR and media planning agencies make them more or less popular depending on the budget allocated to them. When you ask “What is brand?” you cannot get a proper answer. They organize marketing events to no avail like the people before them or the people around them who wear Prada and carry a bag of Louis Vuitton just because everybody else does. They take banners, distribute newspaper inserts, wear the buses. No strategy, no attractive content, no obvious message. Even the ones with the message reappear a month later with another message.

Brand is the stamp that the American shepherds used to separate their animals from the others in the old days. In other words, it is the logo that is applied on the animals with a hot iron as we see n the cowboy films. In those days it meant “don’t take it is mine” but now it means “it is my product please take that”. The only truth is the brand management. It is a sensitive topic that requires expertise as it has no concrete rights but concrete wrongs.

Now you will ask “What are the rules of making a web page?”. There are no rules, there have never been any rules. The result is the same for building a web page or building a company. In short it is brand .It is PhpSEO, It is Dreamviewer HTML .After all these things. First you should know yourself, then you take risks and lastly and most importantly you will create your difference and make it known.

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