Corporate Life and Spineless Species

The first money was used by the Lydian in the 700 BC. It became something to yearn for over the 2710 years since then. It becomes your luck if your parents have money when you are born. This way you are feed better, go to better schools and take better education and have less problems.

However, the money of you family may bring you bad luck too. The family, choosing the easy way, bribes their children with expensive toys instead of listening to their problems, their interests and treating them as individuals. This way the parents give their children the first wrong message. But in fact, raising a child is a laborious task. It takes time. It takes talking to them time after time. It takes an effort.

The young ones, finishing his schools or not, start working for money eventually. People judge his level of being a man by the money he gets at the end of the month. They ask how much he earns when he wants to marry. People with money are approached with more respect whereas the ideas of the poor are not taken seriously.

When we were converted to a consuming society in the beginnings of 80s, the words “My public officer knows this work” were accepted as “Just make money no matter what you do”. Unfortunately this was the last wrong message given about money. From that moment on some values were trashed.

In our country, most companies are family companies and they claim that they are corporate. These concepts that the young people are forced to accept like corporate life, corporate identity are the proofs that some values were already trashed. The message is very clear: Don’t have any values, be spineless!

So we have to come to accept the truth that honesty related values have died away. Business life is a give and take. You give your effort and you take its worth. This is what it should be .In a corporate life, all the things that should not happen happens. And it is called “professionalism”.

When our elders say “you need to start from somewhere” they mean start changing slowly. Sometimes it takes years to understand that. It depends on the person to accept it or not. In short, there is no right person for a job. There is the acceptance of being the person for that job or not.

More than 90% of the surviving species are spineless. Their sizes vary between microscopic single cell organism and giant calamari. Even though they do not have the spine and the muscle-bounded skeletons, most of them are protected by a solid outer skeleton.

The line that separates the horse from the worm is as thin as the line that separates the ancestors from the nobles in fact. Spineless creatures have ancestors and they exist since the earth started to grow cold. I mean, even before the money, even before the Lydian.

3 comments to Corporate Life and Spineless Species

  • merih acar

    “Para insanligin orospusudur.” (Shakespeare).
    “Evladim sermaye uzerine yazacagina sermaye sahibi ol.” (Karl Marx’in annesinin ogluna ogududur).
    “Para dedigin ipek kagit mor murekkeptir.” (Ekonomist Ilker Parasiz).
    “Paradan kurtulmanin yolu ona sahip olmaktir.” (Merih Acar).
    “Paranin Allah belasini versin.” (yine Merih Acar).
    “Tanrim beni paradan ve parasizliktan koru.” (Anonim).

  • Nil Ülengin

    çok beğendim…:-)

  • Figen Bozoğlu

    Para ile birlikte kaybolan toplumsal değerler, yeni nesili bekleyen muammalı gelecek!!
    Ve hayat devam ediyor…

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