Reactions of a Web Page

When human kind could not talk properly they were explaining themselves with drawings. When they started to speak, various languages started to evolve. So much so that local dialects were born. With improving technology the internet came into our lives .And now we can access limitless content through the web pages.

Even if it is called virtual world, people still expect the typical social rules on the online communication. The joy of a nice chat, sharing feels like nothing else .You emanate a beautiful energy and feel deeply relaxed. You feel the same air when surfing around an enjoyable web page. Of course creating that air takes a lot of skills.

Having expectations from a web page is natural. Just like having expectations from other people. For example when we see someone we know while walking on the street, we go and say: “Hey How are you Hasmet?” then we expect him to say: “Oh I am doing fine, how about you?”. It creates an awkward situation for us if he does not answer or looks at us with an empty face or says something totally irrelevant. We don’t ask after him anymore, we even ignore him when we meet him the next time.

Online interaction is based on the same principal . Human-to-web page interaction has the same social rules with the human-to-human interaction. When the main page is loaded too slow and not loaded at all, it is perceived as like the person we are talking to is not looking at us or ignoring us. It scares us when a web page immediately asks our personal information just like a person we have just met asks about our private lives. In the same way, if we visit the web page and it does not remember our movements, interested contents, it feels like the person we know does not recognize or remember us.

In summary, if the web page reactions are like people reactions, it will affect the project positively. While Turks kiss each other when the meet, the Americans only shake hands, it shows how even the littlest details may change so many things due to cultural and geographical differences.

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