Shopping Madness


This is madness. No this is New York!

It was one of the lessons I took from the Bilgi University teachers; integrated marketing, communication, brand management, consumer habits, marketing. And they were all in English integrated marketing communications, brand management, consumer behaviour, marketing. Theories, examples, stories were always from the birth place of the brand and retail. From America. Even the name of the department was in English.. MBA. In that case I had to go and see it in its place. We had to see the execution. We took a plane to America with a couple of like-minded friends. For a little bit more light. For *Mehr Licht…

We take a tour all over Central Park, Statute of Liberty, Times Square. A shopping craze is all over.Ng craze  People are happy. That is right I think at that moment, shopping makes your happiness hormones released more. We take the pains to go to Woodburry A gigantic Outlet. I thought “wooow” back when I had the chance to see the outlets in Vegas, this place is even bigger.

We arrive there at midnight. There is a traffic jam that can even surprise the ones familiar with the New York traffic. We can leave the highway 2 exits later. The exits are closed. There is an awfully big crowd everywhere. The make us leave our car in a gigantic parking place and they take us to Woodburry by bus. Obviously they planned it all very well in advance. Everyone is working, the police, the security forces, highway patrol. No open doors left in the system. At last we arrive in Woodburry. The shops are open. The line at Gucci does not finish from the midnight until the evening of the next day .People are waiting under the rain for Tommy Hilfiger and Burberry .I say let’s give 20 dollars to the bodyguards waiting at the backdoor of Armani to enter. My friends say “No way!” and laugh at me. These shops do not have stock problems somehow. I think that you win the ward with logistics at that moment. Everybody smile despite everything .At Aéropostale a sales rep calls the warehouse for a 6 dollar underwear:  Do you have this size of this article? No getting lazy. No ignoring the customer. No sulking. No getting tired. There is always the music.

DieselA girl, so beautiful that I might think that she is a model of Victoria’s Secret is working at the Calvin Klein  store. I wear the berets and ask her “Which beret is better, this one or that one?”. She says “Everything looks good on you”. Everybody has positive energy. No matter who you are, how much you have in your pocket, whether you buy something or not. The treatment is standard and respect is at high level. “They bought! They bought until the morning!” we say, remembering the words said by the Anzacs  we heard on a documentary about Çanakkale, “They dug! They dug until the morning; they dug their own graves”


It is now 10 o’clock in the morning the next day. We visit all the stores as many as possible in the time we have. We learn a new retail lesson from every store. When Sinan says “It is 10 o’clock” I say “What? 10 in the morning?” totally losing the track of time. After a shopping spree of 15-16 hours, we talk with the driver who takes to our car which is 10 km away from the shopping arena. We give him Turkish Lira when we leave as tip. We talk about Atatürk. He thanks us many times. He smiles all the time too. With his tie, white shirt and all his likeability.

We are tired but we are happy of what we see on the way tour hotel and we start in-city retail tours. Yes Yes we bought. We bought until the morning!

*Mehr Licht: The last words of Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe before his death. “a bit more light”

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