Laughter is What Matters

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It is a chicken and egg situation, which came first?

I am interested in not which came first but which came later. In the end, what you have depends on what you will do with it.

Do we laugh because we feel good or do we feel good because we laugh?
Laughing is what matters!

Laughing makes a positive impact on our body from the heart to the immune system. When we laugh, the number of warrior cells that fight with tumors and viruses increases. Endorphin is released when we laugh. Endorphin is produced by the brain to suppress the pain in the injured tissues and it relaxes the body by decreasing the level of pain. It’s other name is “happiness hormone”. And when we laugh 15 muscles on our face work together. With years some creases appear on our faces .Nowadays, botox is used to get rid of these creases frequently . Botox when injected in the muscles just below the skin prevents creases by paralyzing those muscles.

The researchers who study the effects of Botox on emotional experience find that people who had Botox on their faces, cannot express their anger, happiness and joy with their faces. All signals coming from our sensory organs, except smell, are directed by thalamus To release the happiness hormone a signal must be sent from the facial muscles to the nerve ends. If this signal is missing, laughing is not really laughing. In short, people who have botox on their faces cannot sense their feelings.

*Joshua Davis makes two groups, one with botox one without, watch an emotionally charged film. At the end of the film, he sees that the group who had botox could not perceive completely the positive and negative feelings.

**David Havas asks from a group to move their laughing muscles consciously while watching a hatred charged film. This way, the group who used laughing muscles consciously feels less hatred than the normal watching group.

We all tried to catch happy and cheerful moments of our parents to ask their permission or for buying something we wanted. It depends on the mood of the person when shopping too .Make your customer feel good so that they will use your product. Make them happier so that they buy more.

Today’s e-commerce consultants and e-commerce trainings may not be saying how to make our customers feel what when visiting our webpage. But we can send signals to thalamus with what we present on the screen, increase the shopping conversion rate and the number of product in their carts .

*Davis(2010) – The effects of BOTOX injections on emotional experience. Emotion, 10(3), 433-440.
**Havas (2010)- Cosmetic use of botulinum toxin-A affects processing of emotional language. Psychological Science, 21(7), 895-900.

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