Where Is He Looking?

A man suddenly stops and starts looking at the roof of a building in a crowded place. Then what? Other people stop and start looking at the same place wondering what he was looking at. It was neither what was there nor why the man was looking at there. If he looks you look too! That is the rule.

Then instead of thinking what where on a web page design, let’s put wherever the people look for what.

From Left to Right – The habit of reading defines the way we look at the screen. According to that the eye scans from left to right and from top to bottom.

Towards the Center – People ignore the things that are not directly linked to the logo, space and cursor. This habit urges them to move towards the middle of the screen.

Attention Shift – the person looking at a computer looks immediately to the point where there is big photograph ( esp .human face) or a moving application (video, animation). The brain focuses on that point by leaving the normal scanning process.

What is Where? – People mostly look for the logo at the top-left, search bar at the middle-top and help page at the top-right. In fact people think that they would be there. It is of no use to leave out the general brain-person habits for just to create a difference, it annoys the user and harms the brand perception.

James Breeze not only proves those ideas by using Eye tracking application but also that the user looks at the place where the photographed face looks at.

The user looks at the middle of the page first, then the photograph and then wherever the photograph looks. What do you think, to promote an important information, rather than putting flashing applications around, we put a human face and place that info wherever that face looks at ?

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