Motivation Techniques

I was creating excuses to go to a cafe in the evenings while I was planning the web operation for Tchibo. Besides testing different coffee types, I was trying to have an idea by watching the customer base of the coffee brands.


If you are to implement a web operation for an existing brand, you have to know very well about that brand’s smell, texture, customer perception in short its position. Spend time at their stores. Learn all the processes of the operation. Also, definitely see what and how the competitors are doing it.


At this time I met a nice application of Caffe Nero. The card to win a free cup of coffee. They put small stamp on your card for every coffee you drink and when all the spaces are stamped on your card, you could have your free coffee by presenting them this card .It was very smart to place the game in marketing and showing a goal and using the motivation to reach that goal. Advergame was created for this purpose anyway.


But then I thought something else. Instead of giving that empty card to the customer, it would be more motivational giving the card already stamped on 1 or 2 spaces. It was an example of “A long march starts with the very first step”.

The teachers explain the lessons and after 2-3 months the lessons accumulate. The students only study at the times of exams and finals, they don’t study in between. Then the final exam date approaches. The students cannot start studying because there are already a lot of lessons accumulated. The road ahead gets longer and longer. The lessons get bigger and bigger. However, if there are small quizzes in between, they can answer the questions while the lesson is still fresh in their minds and get good grades, that will both increase the motivation and the success rate of the students.

Now let’s look at the two different examples of free coffee card. In both examples, to drink a free coffee you need to buy 10 coffees. Cards will be stamped every time the customers drink coffee. Card 1 is empty. On Card 2, there are 2 stamps already made. Here, the feeling of not wanting to lose what he owns and completion of something already worked for influences our subconscious. Even though both cards require 10 more coffee stamps, card 2 motivates better.

The same is true for the surveys we encounter on the web sites. Nobody answers 10 questions, 20 or 30 questions surveys. Nobody has time much time anymore nowadays. However , if we ask just 1 question every time our user visits our website, at his following visit we bring the previous question and his answer even, how nice will it be? Wouldn’t it be more effective if we don’t ask all the questions at once?

When to as these questions is also another sensitive matter. Let’s evaluate this in the coming days.

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