After Sales

The rats in a maze run faster when they get close to the food (Hull-1937).

This is the first research on target-tendency affect. Theory shows that getting closer to the target heightens the motivation. *Ran Kivetz, Oleg Urminsky and Yuhuang Zheng stated a research thinking that this theory tested on animals, could also work on humans too. In the end, they were right.

-The wish to reach to the target increases as the target point gets closer.

-The thought of taking a step, even if it is not real, triggers the perception like in the coffee card example.

-People who are part of a reward program become more positive than the others. They become more interactive and start using sales channels, contacting customer representatives if necessary.

– And more importantly, when the goal is reached, all the elements of motivation becomes zero . This point here, is seen as where most customer losses can happen. It was a victory of motivation when we won the match with a last 4.5 second basket point against Serbia in the World Basketball Championships. We lost the cup and the final under the relaxing affect of that victorious feeling.

At the moment we complete a purchase besides the feeling of victory, the question of “Did I do the right thing?” comes to our minds, known as Cognitive Dissonance, (the fact that our id is always on alert to protect us from making a bad decision)

Customer Information Flow has a big importance to the positively influence the decision process and it increases its importance at the time of performing the purchase. Potential customer asks around. Makes internet searches. Then decides and put the product in his cart and pays for it.

Everything ends when he see the message “Your order has been processed successfully”. Right at that moment you need to re-start everything. Managing the loss of motivation of the customer who reached the target, directing and leading them gets deadly important. The customer should be informed on everything that could pose a problem now or in the future. Even the customer should be asked for more information with a more visionary point of view. This is the place for one question surveys.

*Ran Kivetz, Oleg Urminsky, and Yuhuang Zheng, The Goal-Gradient Hypothesis Resurrected:Purchase Acceleration, Illusionary Goal Progress, and Customer Retention, Journal of Marketing Research, 39 Vol. XLIII (February 2006), 39–58.

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