The Law of e-Commerce

It was the beginning of 2000s. President of the Consumers Association of the period had asked me to be a speaker at a seminar they organized in order to inform consumers on the Internet and e-commerce. I accepted with great happiness. Because all the people who invested on internet and trying to do something were being stopped. Internet was perceived as a boogey man, people did not want to give their credit cards on the internet, they did not, could not access internet. In 2003, the growing use of ADSL, would be the biggest turning point in our country regarding internet .

I was participating in technology programs on CNN Turk and Kanal D, I was talking about internet and my vision and what we would do in the future. During that period, I took a lot of technologies and applications in use which are still in use today.

At the event of the Consumer association, I had talked and exchanged ideas with 2 lady officials authorized by the Prime Minister. We were dreaming of todays. You cannot understand if you did not live the difficulties of those days. This law expected to be issued soon will make us more in line with the truths of the internet era and be more responsible towards the users of technology.

The “Law on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce” presented to the parliament on 27.12.2010 aims to grow e-commerce, protect consumers and people who perform transactions on the electronic environment, especially make the commercial operations on internet much more safer and transparent. In my opinion, this is the second turning point regarding internet in our country.

To simply mention, the important topics in the bill are as follows:

-For the commerce transactions on the electronic environment, before the buyer enters the payment information, to prevent the buyer from making a mistake, the seller will have to present the total amount along with the clauses of the agreement in an open manner.

-For the electronic environment commerce, the seller will have to present information about its commercial and professional operations.

– The content and the rules of campaigns like discounts, presents, promotions and activities will have to clearly specified. The user will access the information about participating in them easily and the rules will have to be crystal clear with no room for doubts.

The commercial electronic messages like SMS, telephone, fax and e-mail will be sent to the users only upon their consent is taken before. Additionally, the users will have the right to reject receiving messages whenever they want to without showing any reason.

– The commercial electronic messages will show the access information like phone no, e-mail address that provides the users’ identity. (Receiving those advertisements purposed electronic messages by craftsmen and tradesmen is accepted as a requirement of their business lives. That is why they are left out of scope.)

-Service providers will be responsible of saving and keep safe the personal information they collect in the scope of the performed transactions. They will not share those personal information with third parties without the approval of the related person and they will not use it for any other purpose.

Click the link below to see the bill exactly.
E-Commerce Bill Draft

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  • Eticaret konusunda Türkiye çok yüksek bir trend yakaladı ve bu çıkışın belli kanunlarla kalın çerçevelerinin çizilmesi çok uygun olacaktır.

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