Mezzanine System and B2C Warehousing

Growing interest in the commerce over the internet and the growing market, brings the idea of “let’s sell something over the internet” in the minds of everyone. They think they can make it just by creating a nice website. But then are you going to keep the goods in your home to send to the customers my dear friend?

Let’s make a simple calculation:
Your site gets 100.000 entries every months.
Your conversion rate is 1,2 (there are 1.200 orders)Your cart amount is 50TL (1.200×50=60.000TL)

Your company will need a warehouse for its 60.00 TL worth of revenue. 1.200 deliveries a month means 1.200 boxes. You can only keep the empty boxes in your home. Besides, we haven’t even mentioned the returns and changes yet.

The warehouses of the retail stores are designed by B2B principle. Multiple products are placed on the pallets, changing place with the help of forklifts and pallet trucks.

For example let’s say we have a retail firm with 10 stores. We will send 20 notebooks to each store and notebooks are placed 50 pieces on each pallet. We create a delivery request for 300 notebooks. (50 pieces x 6 pallet = 300 pieces) We took down those 6 pallets with the help of forklift and bring them to the loading area.

But it is not the same for e-commerce. The warehouse has to run with B2C principle. To create the order of 1 customer’s 1 notebook in the loading area, we will have to take down the pallet of 50, take 1 notebook from it and then put the pallet up again. In this case, when the operation takes up a little, there will be a bottleneck. If we think that in a typical warehouse there are 9m high shelves, naturally we cannot put every item in an easily retrievable place. If we place every product in easily retrievable spots then we will need so very big an area. In which case our cost of warehousing will be exponentially bigger.

The Mezzanine system is system developed for easy storing and retrieval of the small products. This way, the product collectors make the optimum use of the height of 9 mt. They can access the storage places with ladders without the need for a forklift.

3 comments to Mezzanine System and B2C Warehousing

  • Biz 2-3 arkadaş internet işine giriyoruz diyenler bu yazıyı okuduktan sonra IKEA’ya Koçtaç’a falan gidip raf alacaklar diye korkuyorum 🙂

  • Mert Tüzüner

    Cengiz’im, arkadaşlığımızın tolerans seviye eşiğine sığınarak, bundan sonra lojistik yazılarını ben yazmak istiyorum:)

    Mezanin’in amacı senin yazdığından biraz uzak. Daha doğrusu Türkiye’de bazı firmaların bulduğu vizyoner(ama ne vizyon!!!) sonu doğrultusunda çıkan depo modeli…

    E-Commerce, E-WMS management gerektirir ki bunu da burada yazmayacağım:))

    Çok sevgiler Canım kardeşim…

  • Ne demek. Birikimlerini, fikirlerini ve tecrübelerini paylaşman süper olur. Şöyle bir pick by light, kardex anlatsan. ASRS’den, Voice picking’den bahsetsen fena mı olur 🙂

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