How Can We Find Foreign Investors?

We cannot say that we are good at producing as Turkish people. We don’t read, we don’t research, we have an opinion almost about anything with just the stuff we hear around us and on newspaper headlines. But we are very good at imitation.

Example: E-commerce got real big man!
How did it get big? We produced some platforms, copied from abroad under the name of shopping club, not personalized platforms that sell with lower profit margins when they cannot be sold with extreme margins. Like it wasn’t enough, we fooled ourselves and people around with the comedy of Occasion sites. We copied and copied like an amoeba. We were fooling ourselves at the beginning of the 80s by saying “We start a new age”. In the end, the inflation stated the new age and we could remedy our charisma by erasing 6 zeros.

Example: There are 40 million internet users in Turkey.
You must have never been abroad or served for military my friend. You are counting the brothers on shopping leave in Sarıkamış as internet users too. Because, anyone who can open Google, who can play backgammon on Msn or Facebook are doing e-commerce. They all have credit cards .They use PayPal, they are even potential users of PayU. There are only 15 million proper user in Turkey at most, just like there are only 15, give or take, original e-commerce projects.

Should we be pessimistic then?

Absolutely not. Right now, the e-commerce is warming up. Occasion sites and fake private shopping sites are converting Sarıkamış users into real internet users slowly. We should thank all the project leader for the risks they take to provide that important benefit without taking into account of the shallow comments of know-it-alls.

Until today, all the internet projects we sold to the foreign investors were copied from abroad anyway. It could be a rightful style to inspire from a beautiful model and copy it and make it work in our country. But we took it too far lately and started to do exactly the same of them is the last point of copying we have arrived nowadays. It kind of makes you say oh no Lebron James. It is an exact copy of the vertical e-commerce model pioneering American company The guy set up the site. Developed an original model and sold it to and we did not wake up. We haven’t even heard of it. When he wrote its book, then we understood that we should not have copied it and took action on that topic that we are successful.

I don’t know if will make big revenues or bring an important vision in our e-commerce with its projects or not. But when amazon wants to make another investment in Turkey. We will show zizigo, the cybernetic tissue copy of zappos, with pride and say “No need to do it again, we have it done already here”. I mean we could at least change it to say “sepetim” instead of chechout/chart or “üyelik” instead of customer/account/create/.

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