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Nowadays, the only social media we talk about is facebook. It is a topic that you can talk for hours without requiring much conversational currency. Like football… Everyone is a trainer. We can have opinions about every match, even every position. We can even say that the trainers don’t know any football when we criticize them. Having an opinion about social media is so similar to that.

While people who gave their years to human and social psychology, motivation, group dynamics and communication techniques do not know this business, every digital advertiser who use facebook comes out as a social media trainer.

We open a facebook account for your firm. We will put there all the marketing related sayings, visuals and products. People will “like” them. Then it will be like we use the social media as a marketing tool. From that moment on we will be the writers of the book on social media.

It is that easy, launched like it is such a big deal that others would think that there are people doing their masters degrees on it, that it is a special field of expertise at universities in our country.

In the seminars, a social media worker is invited to talk about social media. He gets up and starts talking about facebook. All examples given are based on facebook. The founder of the facebook is presented like a hero who won 3 wars or added another theory to the relativity theory. He talks about Twitter a little.

I understand if we called a person who really worked for facebook. He would be talking about his firm, its advantages and how to use that platform more effectively. We listen to him respectfully and even ask some questions.

If the topic is social media, it does not mean facebook. Facebook is a social media tool. Social media is the sum of all the platforms found on the internet where many different people and communities exchange or follow ideas, experiences, contents, in other words make their voices heard.

We are in the danger of losing more than half of the social media trainers if one day comes that facebook no longer exists .

As much as it is correct for a firm to follow social media for managing its reputation and its tools for communication, it is as much wrong to say “we wrote the book of social media” and talk about facebook only. This is also misleading for the young friends who made a new entry into the sector.

2 comments to Social Media

  • Acer Acerer

    Tespit güzel, anlaşılır; İnsanların facebook’u bol bol örneklemesinin bence tek bir sebebi var o da anlaşılabilirliği, ulaştığı büyük kitle ve popileritesi.

  • Berna Sürmen

    Merhaba Cengiz Bey,

    Kesinlikle bir çok noktaya katılıyorum tespitinizde. Şirketimizin sosyal medya uygulamaları için görüşme yaptığımız bir Sosyal Medya Ajansı, ilk görüşmemiz ve brief sonrası, bize “sadece” Facebook’taki uygulamalar ve yapılması gereken “oyun uygulamaları” önerisi ile geldi. Markamız ile uzaktan yakından ilgisi olmayan, konumlandırması yapılmamış, yaratıcılıktan ve içerikten yoksun, dar alan sıkışmış öneriyi görünce şaşırdım. Gidilecek çok yol var gerçekten…

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