Academicians and Smarts

The president of the board of director of Boyner Holding Cem Boyner says in his speech titled “Executive Power” he gave for the Retail Days 2005 event:

“For a long time I believed that business development was the most important part of the business.

I guess I changed my mind.

In retrospect, I saw that the strategy and business development was just 5% of the business, the execution was 95% of the business. Therefore, everything comes down to people in the end .If they ask me to make a choice between knowing and doing, I would definitely vote for doing .Power has now become the ability to execute”

When we look at the first 100 biggest revenue making companies, we see that none of them is in Turkey. One day those great companies will come to Turkey.

We are at the very beginning of the road and the online commerce will come to a level that we could never even imagine. We will need qualified, experienced people in the field of e-commerce. The work force is not at the required level and they can only learn on the job in the online sector. Our academicians who read stuff on the books and never took part in the business can only teach our young people some “theories”.

If the world moved based on the academician egos and complexes, how many of the above mentioned project could be online now? If it is not the execution but the theory, would there be a facebook or twitter today?

In our days where everything gets faster and grows around execution; we witness that not the ones who know but the ones who can execute can come to a place.

There is an old story. One day, the teacher comes into the class and says the topic of the lesson is “Waltz”. He tells all about Waltz concepts and theory. He talks about its history and philosophy. He mentions how it is done and what it is. The lesson ends. He asks his students if they understood. The students say that they did. The teacher plays a Waltz tune and says “Do the waltz then”.

As long as we cannot change our academic, theory based mind set in our educational institutions, our young ones will go on learning their jobs on the job. Because unfortunately, the ones who do not know the execution of the business will not be able to teach the business. Of course we should be setting aside some very precious teachers who gave their hearts and years to e-commerce following the dynamics of the industry closely by attending seminars and activities.

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