CEO Search for an Internet Company

People who never used public busses, never waited in line for a taxi or a dolmus in the rain invested in the internet companies in 2000s. Do you know why?

Their biggest ambition of life was to pass their fathers. There was no other way to pass their fathers in the Özal era.

Companies are built and teams are formed with the daddy’s money. Do you know what happens then?
Not helping those young people, not making career plans for them..
Not training them to be ethical, patient people who do not give way to their excitements.

Do you know what they really want to say even?
-Let them work with the minimum wage; if he leaves another comes.
-What training? They should be thankful that we pay their salaries.

Like he worked for years to buy the Jeep he drives.
Like he worked at the canteen to save money to be able to study at a private university.
Like he cleaned the dishes at McDonald’s, walked the dogs while having his Masters degree in US.

There will come a time when you, raised with parental love, never had a complex of getting better than your fathers, worked hard to get where you are or on the way to get there, will receive job offers from those highly qualified bosses.

They will not ask of you to pass your values to the other employees or give a liberal environment, an innovative vision to your team. They will expect you to be puppets!

Be careful when you deal with the ones who established an internet company with their father’s, grandfather’s money. Because, they will do micromanagement, and get involved with every little fışkı and then they will ask you “Why isn’t this happening?”.

This article is not about the ones who declare “We are shutting down our operations today, go look for a new job.”
This article is not about the one who say ”We are changing the organization, thanks for your works” either.
This article is not about the empty heads who praises every cheap initiations or every foreign investment.

This article is for the ones who took the bus at least once.
This article is for the ones who waited in line for a dolmus in the rain at least once.
This article is for the ones who do not have meaningless ambitions and never sold and never will sell their colleagues for benefits.

3 comments to CEO Search for an Internet Company

  • Mert Tüzüner

    Vaaay be Cengiz’im! Hem profesyonel, hem de kalpten bir dokunuş olmuş!

  • haluk bilgin

    Yaratici insanlar isin heyecaniyla kendini koruyacak onlemler almayi unutuyor. Yariya yariya ortaklik vaadiyle yola cikip inanilmaz fabrikalari tamamen yetenek ve azimle kurduktan sonra kaziklanip kenara atilan insanlar tanidim. Finansal ve legal destek sart. Futbolcular gibi sizin de profesyonel danismanlariniz olmali.

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