Distance Sales Contract

With AKP government coming to power in 2002, investments on technology, never happened before, started to be constructed along with many other issues. In a panel that I attended as a co-founder of the sahibinden.com, I talked with officials appointed by the Prime Minister in relation to the laws. It means that this conversation was not for nothing.

If e-commerce grew a little in our country and we can talk about foreign investments, there are two reasons for it that no one realizes in general:

1-The Law number 4077 about Customer Protection, published and put in effect on 8.3.1995 , the law number 4822, which was considerably changed and important additions were made, accepted on 6.3.2003 and published on the Official gazette on 14.03.2003.

2-The infrastructure investments made again in 2003 and ADSL connection became more widespread and started to enter the houses.

What is this distance sales contract?

Distance Sales Contract is a requirement of the above mention law with the purpose of consumer protection. When you purchase a product or a service on the internet, you cannot touch it directly like in a shop . You cannot be very clear about its size, color, material. Thanks to that contract you can return the product after it was delivered to you without showing any reason for the return.

Additionally, the seller site has to inform the user about the important information like price, vat, cargo and show them on the invoice too, so that the customer is not mistaken.

Internet shopping is advantageous for the customers because they can return the product within the designated period without showing any reason by using the “Right of Withdrawal” presented by the distance sales contract.

I saw people who said “I don’t shop on the internet, I need to see, touch” and could return the goods they bought in a store.

I saw people who said “I don’t trust internet, they can steal my credit card” and gave their credit card information to a call center operator.

I am not surprised by that, but I am amazed by the people who think that internet commerce is nothing more than building a website.

Changing that perception and educating the consumers should have been the primary priority of the people who call the shots in the internet sector. However, they chose to play for the tribunes by criticizing everything and lead the e-commerce sector that they exaggerated into another bottleneck.

The law protects the consumer from the issues related both financial/payment systems and after sales return/change. The consumer is still afraid of the internet. The ones who really need to be afraid of the internet are the internet business enterprises and their managers. Because the laws are always by the consumer’s side.

That is why; the intelligent sites are always by the law’s side, consumers’ side.

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