2012 Webrazzi Awards

Sports media and e-commerce media have a lot of common features. I will evaluate these features later. Now, let’s look at the results first.

As much as I was very proud that “sahibinden.com” received “The Best Web Initiative” award with the help of “Vote for us” banner placed on the main page as I am the co-founder and the first regular employee of it, I was also very surprised that the same e-commerce media did not put any of the founders of that web site on “The Best Web Entrepreneur” candidate list.

Why doesn’t it occur to anybody to ask “why is the Best Web Entrepreneur award not given to the Best Web Initiative award winner”? This initiative was created when the earth was cooling down?

Have you thought of giving the Best Web Initiative Award to the company that we established in 2000 just today? I ask the friends who voted from here: Which rational and fair grounds did you vote? Are you saying “Don’t ask because we did not choose the candidates!”?

While in the past 12 years, a lot of entrepreneur friends added tens of beautiful initiatives to our e-commerce world with their 2 cents budgets, how can we objectively justify awarding “sahibinden.com” created with limitless funds of an already rich friend? Are you saying “But those entrepreneurs did not dignify or sponsor the e-commerce media outlets to be candidates!”.

Let’s not look for logic. Moving from “perception tells the truth”, let’s take a look at some of the comments: all comments

– Published results are very clear, I find it strange that Facebook, Twitter and Google are listed on the foreign web initiative category, they are neither specific to 2012 nor an initiation anymore.

-If you think that way, initiatives like, hepsiburada, gittigidiyor, yemeksepeti, ciceksepeti should not be listed either. Then the competition would be resulted with 4, at most 5 categories instead of 31. The candidates’ heading is not the best foreign web initiative anyways. The best foreign web initiative listed the best foreign initiative of” all times”. Since the candidate selection was not made by the webrazzi team, not some initiatives but the ones that were most written by the candidate selectors. This is quite natural.

-Thanks god they did not pick Markafoni the best web initiative or anything this year, we were bored of it every year…

– I do not think these votes are very transparent. (I do not refer to the voting site), people begged for votes from the whole social media, asked from pms, also, a 3 month old agency coming second in the category of Best Digital Agency shows that there are “personal efforts” here.

I understand voting for websites, campaigns – the services used and tried – but I do not understand how many of the 29250 people who voted for the CEO of the year knew about “which CEO did what for his/her company this year”, I wonder if they really followed

-Selecting Teknorasi as the second best digital agency is very interesting. How can an agency set up this year leave behind all those agencies that created quality works? How many customers do they have, which big companies are they working with? As far as I know they do not even have an office.

-This agency was founded less than 6 months ago. I did not hear even 1 project that they got a result. It seems being a sponsor of Webrazzi brings along success

– I think it is interesting too but while all candidates were mailing to beg for votes, we did not even vote for ourselves to be ethical. One should respect; if your knowledge is limited, I wish you did not comment on it.

– Now just because something like that could happen, we used our short Url for our visitors could vote for us. It show the number clicks as 9614 but 3361 votes were counted. It is interesting if you think the link’s sole purpose was to vote, but we still love Webrazzi, it’s alright.

-In the Game category, the total number of votes is twice as much of the closest competitor which is interesting .Go check the votes in the garbage can.

– 68K people voted but the total number of votes is 800K. If social media accounts were not matched then 60K real persons voted. Obviously it was not a fair and logical voting, the winner was Webrazzi. 900K traffic in 15 days is not easyJ

-It is like a football match between the hood’s big boys and youngsters, big boys are getting every ball, how can you say that sahibinden, hepsiburada etc are initiatives?

-Having a separate category titled “New Initiation” does not make sense. Because “initiative” indicates that the business is new anyway. It needs a category titled like “initiated/finished” for the old big websites.

-sahibinden.com is one of Turkey’s most visited web site and they tried like crazy to collect votes both from the site and by email. It is normal that they come first or second of all the participated categories and but in my opinion it is not natural.

-Knowing the web polls are unreliable, why should we accept this one as an exception?

-Too big a vote difference in the best game category makes you think. And I had never heard the name of Joygame. Mynet Game, Kral Game, Peak Games etc. .are OK but what is Joygame? This smells like advertisement to me.

-Sahibinden.com’s best web initiative award shows that we have a lot of way to go as a country .I think sahibinden.com can only get best office awardJ

-It is interesting that sahibinden.com mobile app comes at the first spot, their new logo has not been updated on the mobile apps yet they are the first.

-About the Celebrity who uses the social media best category, I wonder for what purpose Hilal Cebeci is using the social media! Because the work “use” has a lot of different meanings.. Strange I mean.

-Thanks to you we have learned that ”Google” was a web initiative. After seeing that the rest became meaningless…

-I don’t understand why it was taken that seriously, there were a lot of mails for the companies who took a lot of money from their suppliers but in reality it was a value adding project for webrazzi, it can be organized every month now. .

-It has stronger mail data comparing to its competitors. Of course the sites with the higher number of hits came first. Every candidate site asked for votes from their websites. Candidates’ mail list worked with that voting. The winner is, of course, webrazzi who got the free advertisements on the biggest websites of Turkey because of the voting.


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