Saint Joseph


Culture is what is left after we forgot what we learned.
Knowing by heart does not exactly mean knowing.

Saint Joseph High School is a place where you can deeply examine such notions.

The basis of your life is built while you are 12-18 years of age. Saint Joseph not only teaches how to inquire, discuss and learn but also the notions like loyalty, friendship, family and solidarity.

All the factors that led to the French revolution are divided into centuries and reviewed by the tens of literary masters. They are surely forgotten but you are never forced to memorize the notions of freedom, equality and fraternity.

At the end of all this, you become a Saint Joseph graduate.

It is like you get education from the walls. The cumulative knowledge of the ones who walked the corridors and played in the gardens of that historical building in Moda passes to you in a spiritual way.

Then your career starts. You realize that there are people around you trying to make you like themselves with all their complexes and fears. They know nothing about equality, fraternity; they have no idea about freedom…

You say either I will adopt to them or they will adopt to me. There have been ones that I adopted to and ones who adopted to me over the years. But when you say to the people that you can only reach over 2 assistants or you cannot reach at all: “Hi, this is Cengiz sj95” it feels as if you had talked to them just yesterday. Because he, too, knows that you don’t know things by heart and he knows that you have forgotten many things actually.

No one can help you, you should ask for help.
No one will find you a job, you will search for it.
No one will plan your career, you will plan your career and even your life yourself.

If you know that there is a person from Saint Joseph behind a door, go on and knock on that door. Maybe it will not open. Go on fighting for it. There is no ready-made success in this life!

I started my career with the late Baris Manco who came to the Saint Joseph Theater activities and accepted me to his team.

Just after that I stated as a DJ at Istanbul Fm with the help of a friend from the High School. Then with the motivation from another high school friend I joined Club Med. I became the Broadcast Coordinator of the Genc Radyo which was one of the first private radios in Turkey owned by yet another elder brother from the high school. The brand management that I did at the Dunya newspaper was also with the help of another close high school friend.

I have been in the world of e-commerce and digital marketing since the year 2000.
We have established with the partnership of a friend from Saint Joseph.
Later, with yet another high school brother’s advice, we have implemented the e-commerce for Tchibo.
It was because of a promise that I gave to a friend from Saint Benoit that we developed the online project of Koctas.

Year 2013 and today in the e-commerce world of our country there is a feudal structure created by memorizing heads. There are Lordships that are being flattered by people with insufficient experience.

If I’m trying to change the world of e-commerce into an interest-free sharable structure today, the roots of this goes back to the age of 12: those walls, those writers, those fights in that garden.

I want free-thinking brains. I want trustworthy people who won’t stab me from the back, people with whom I can share my knowledge, time and experience.

Don’t be one of those memorizing parrots my friend; search, inquire, discuss… and then come to me.

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