2012 Webrazzi Awards

Sports media and e-commerce media have a lot of common features. I will evaluate these features later. Now, let’s look at the results first.

As much as I was very proud that “sahibinden.com” received “The Best Web Initiative” award with the help of “Vote for us” banner placed on the main page as I am the co-founder […]

Turkey e-Commerce Analysis

Blog and Information Websites

What the User Thinks: I can get fair information from the digital world, e-commerce sites and operations. I can follow the innovations. I get to know the people in the sector. I can gain experience by taking the companies’ rights and wrongs as examples.

In Reality: Give us some money. We will put a […]

Time or Money?

*Cassie Mogilner and Jennifer Aaker at Stanford Graduate School of Business, developed a series of experiments to understand what is the reference to sell something top people: is it money or time? The “Lemonade Stand” was one of those experiments.

They designed 2 different banners and made the kids do the sales of the lemonade:
“Spend a little […]

Where Is He Looking?

A man suddenly stops and starts looking at the roof of a building in a crowded place. Then what? Other people stop and start looking at the same place wondering what he was looking at. It was neither what was there nor why the man was looking at there. If he looks you look too! That […]

After Sales

The rats in a maze run faster when they get close to the food (Hull-1937).

This is the first research on target-tendency affect. Theory shows that getting closer to the target heightens the motivation. *Ran Kivetz, Oleg Urminsky and Yuhuang Zheng stated a research thinking that this theory tested on animals, could also work on humans too. […]

Laughter is What Matters

It is a chicken and egg situation, which came first?

I am interested in not which came first but which came later. In the end, what you have depends on what you will do with it.

Do we laugh because we feel good or do we feel good because we laugh?
Laughing is what matters!

Laughing makes a positive impact […]

The Decision Process

“I don’t understand what she sees in him.”
“I wouldn’t get on that car even it were given free.”
“She just went and paid hundreds of lira for one skirt. Totally crazy!”

You must have heard or uttered yourselves sentences like that. There are many studies carried out for years regarding what effects our choices, how our decision process […]

Broken Window

The Stanford Psychologist Philip Zimbardo made an experiment in 1969. He buys two American cars. He leaves one in the worst neighborhood in New York and the other in the richest area of San Francisco. The car in New York becomes unrecognizable within 3 days. On the other hand no one touches the car in San […]

Present Less Options To Sell More

When you enter a big supermarket, you see tons of products that you can buy. Television, sausage, sugar, tomatoes, meat, toaster, kettle, cola whatever you say . Having more options and variety makes people happier. We prefer places with more varieties than less.

Iyenger and Lepper, when studying on “Choice” understand that having too many options is […]

E-ticaret Sektöründe Nitelik

To become a “lion” in the e-commerce sector you don’t need to spend your years by working on small problems for hours to try and gain that inherited experience.

It is not important to know how many colored cables there are in a network cable or know how and when the internet was born; what is a […]