Average is Your Enemy

17 years of work life has taught me that if you stay too close to the king, you could lose your head. You must always keep your distance even if he is your close friend and you should not spend time with him outside of work unless you have to.

It has taught me that no one […]

2012 Webrazzi Awards

Sports media and e-commerce media have a lot of common features. I will evaluate these features later. Now, let’s look at the results first.

As much as I was very proud that “sahibinden.com” received “The Best Web Initiative” award with the help of “Vote for us” banner placed on the main page as I am the co-founder […]

Turkey e-Commerce Analysis

Blog and Information Websites

What the User Thinks: I can get fair information from the digital world, e-commerce sites and operations. I can follow the innovations. I get to know the people in the sector. I can gain experience by taking the companies’ rights and wrongs as examples.

In Reality: Give us some money. We will put a […]

Free Brains in Free Bodies

Obama wins the election and at his first speech he praises his rival Romney and thanks him. He says “He worked a lot”. He says “ We will fall and stand up together.” He says “Our differences make part of the freedom of USA”. And Romney congratulates Obama and says that he will pray for his […]

Distance Sales Contract

With AKP government coming to power in 2002, investments on technology, never happened before, started to be constructed along with many other issues. In a panel that I attended as a co-founder of the sahibinden.com, I talked with officials appointed by the Prime Minister in relation to the laws. It means that this conversation was not […]

CEO Search for an Internet Company

People who never used public busses, never waited in line for a taxi or a dolmus in the rain invested in the internet companies in 2000s. Do you know why?

Their biggest ambition of life was to pass their fathers. There was no other way to pass their fathers in the Özal era.

Companies are built and teams […]

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The Ottoman Empire had a very strong DNA in terms of Supply chain management and logistics. Major battles and Long-distance sieges in their history brought a natural experience.

This inherited experience was one of the key factors in winning the War of Çanakkale.

Shipments of troops and ammunition to the front.
Transferring the injured to the field hospitals.
Using cannon […]

Internet World Expo

We are having our periodic meetings in the Paris Pixmania Office last year .While waiting for the elevator, we are talking with John Browett who was the CEO of Dixons Retail at that time and the VP of Apple today. No matter what I could not get him in the elevator before me. I did not […]

Academicians and Smarts

The president of the board of director of Boyner Holding Cem Boyner says in his speech titled “Executive Power” he gave for the Retail Days 2005 event:

“For a long time I believed that business development was the most important part of the business.

I guess I changed my mind.

In retrospect, I saw that the strategy and business […]

Social Media

Nowadays, the only social media we talk about is facebook. It is a topic that you can talk for hours without requiring much conversational currency. Like football… Everyone is a trainer. We can have opinions about every match, even every position. We can even say that the trainers don’t know any football when we criticize them. […]