Average is Your Enemy

17 years of work life has taught me that if you stay too close to the king, you could lose your head. You must always keep your distance even if he is your close friend and you should not spend time with him outside of work unless you have to.

It has taught me that no one […]

Saint Joseph

Culture is what is left after we forgot what we learned.
Knowing by heart does not exactly mean knowing.

Saint Joseph High School is a place where you can deeply examine such notions.

The basis of your life is built while you are 12-18 years of age. Saint Joseph not only teaches how to inquire, discuss and learn but […]

Distance Sales Contract

With AKP government coming to power in 2002, investments on technology, never happened before, started to be constructed along with many other issues. In a panel that I attended as a co-founder of the sahibinden.com, I talked with officials appointed by the Prime Minister in relation to the laws. It means that this conversation was not […]

CEO Search for an Internet Company

People who never used public busses, never waited in line for a taxi or a dolmus in the rain invested in the internet companies in 2000s. Do you know why?

Their biggest ambition of life was to pass their fathers. There was no other way to pass their fathers in the Özal era.

Companies are built and teams […]

Internet World Expo

We are having our periodic meetings in the Paris Pixmania Office last year .While waiting for the elevator, we are talking with John Browett who was the CEO of Dixons Retail at that time and the VP of Apple today. No matter what I could not get him in the elevator before me. I did not […]

Broken Window

The Stanford Psychologist Philip Zimbardo made an experiment in 1969. He buys two American cars. He leaves one in the worst neighborhood in New York and the other in the richest area of San Francisco. The car in New York becomes unrecognizable within 3 days. On the other hand no one touches the car in San […]

The Agenda

When I returned from my military service in Feb, 2006, sahibinden.com was turning around chasing tails. My best friend at that time brought a new general manager to the company that we established in 2000 .The company was changing from the American company model that I was trying to set for years into what we call […]

Being Rational

“To be in line with reason and scientific practice; Not to contradict the common sense”

If Gabriel said to your prophet “Read in the name of the God who created”, you cannot start using the printing press 200 years later than Europe. There must be something in writing to read. What will you read or else?

If your […]

Corporate Life and Spineless Species

The first money was used by the Lydian in the 700 BC. It became something to yearn for over the 2710 years since then. It becomes your luck if your parents have money when you are born. This way you are feed better, go to better schools and take better education and have less problems.

However, the […]

Web Sayfası Yapmanın 3 Kuralı

These headlines make me sick the most: The 10 golden rules of success in business. Techniques to use your time right in 20 steps. Set up a holding in 5 stages. Lose 20 kg in 3 days. Go to moon in 7 days. You should pass them all. Whatever you do in whatever the sector your […]