Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The Ottoman Empire had a very strong DNA in terms of Supply chain management and logistics. Major battles and Long-distance sieges in their history brought a natural experience.

This inherited experience was one of the key factors in winning the War of Çanakkale.

Shipments of troops and ammunition to the front.
Transferring the injured to the field hospitals.
Using cannon […]

Internet World Expo

We are having our periodic meetings in the Paris Pixmania Office last year .While waiting for the elevator, we are talking with John Browett who was the CEO of Dixons Retail at that time and the VP of Apple today. No matter what I could not get him in the elevator before me. I did not […]

How to Buy a Dodge Viper on the Internet?

A close friend of mine bought a house in US two years ago. I even stayed at his house while I was doing my tour around Orlando, Miami and Key West, thanks for that. Before he left he said “Cengiz, checkout my new car”.

He bought that 10-cylinder red legendary car on eBay and he would see […]