Mezzanine System and B2C Warehousing

Growing interest in the commerce over the internet and the growing market, brings the idea of “let’s sell something over the internet” in the minds of everyone. They think they can make it just by creating a nice website. But then are you going to keep the goods in your home to send to the customers […]

The Decision Process

“I don’t understand what she sees in him.”
“I wouldn’t get on that car even it were given free.”
“She just went and paid hundreds of lira for one skirt. Totally crazy!”

You must have heard or uttered yourselves sentences like that. There are many studies carried out for years regarding what effects our choices, how our decision process […]

You Are Born a Brand, Not Become a Brand

For me, my adventure starts with Commodore 64  , continues with Amiga and finally reaches the Apple Store. The spirits of those legends live there. It is the rebirth of the values, even stronger than before, that were forgotten as a result of long and programmed efforts. It is the place where the brand comes back […]

Shopping Madness

This is madness. No this is New York!

It was one of the lessons I took from the Bilgi University teachers; integrated marketing, communication, brand management, consumer habits, marketing. And they were all in English integrated marketing communications, brand management, consumer behaviour, marketing. Theories, examples, stories were always from the birth place of the brand and retail. […]

Present Less Options To Sell More

When you enter a big supermarket, you see tons of products that you can buy. Television, sausage, sugar, tomatoes, meat, toaster, kettle, cola whatever you say . Having more options and variety makes people happier. We prefer places with more varieties than less.

Iyenger and Lepper, when studying on “Choice” understand that having too many options is […]

Store Keeping and E-Commerce

Stores are the meeting places of buyers with the products. We call the people work there the “storekeeper”.

Storekeeping is a very old and respectable work that the sales is done face-to-face with the customer. It is a craft that is based on master-apprentice relationship, its realities are learned in time.
You need to make mistakes.
You need to […]