Motivation Techniques

I was creating excuses to go to a cafe in the evenings while I was planning the web operation for Tchibo. Besides testing different coffee types, I was trying to have an idea by watching the customer base of the coffee brands.


If you are to implement a web operation for an existing brand, you have to […]

Broken Window

The Stanford Psychologist Philip Zimbardo made an experiment in 1969. He buys two American cars. He leaves one in the worst neighborhood in New York and the other in the richest area of San Francisco. The car in New York becomes unrecognizable within 3 days. On the other hand no one touches the car in San […]

You Are Born a Brand, Not Become a Brand

For me, my adventure starts with Commodore 64  , continues with Amiga and finally reaches the Apple Store. The spirits of those legends live there. It is the rebirth of the values, even stronger than before, that were forgotten as a result of long and programmed efforts. It is the place where the brand comes back […]

Shopping Madness

This is madness. No this is New York!

It was one of the lessons I took from the Bilgi University teachers; integrated marketing, communication, brand management, consumer habits, marketing. And they were all in English integrated marketing communications, brand management, consumer behaviour, marketing. Theories, examples, stories were always from the birth place of the brand and retail. […]

Web Sayfası Yapmanın 3 Kuralı

These headlines make me sick the most: The 10 golden rules of success in business. Techniques to use your time right in 20 steps. Set up a holding in 5 stages. Lose 20 kg in 3 days. Go to moon in 7 days. You should pass them all. Whatever you do in whatever the sector your […]