2012 Webrazzi Awards

Sports media and e-commerce media have a lot of common features. I will evaluate these features later. Now, let’s look at the results first.

As much as I was very proud that “sahibinden.com” received “The Best Web Initiative” award with the help of “Vote for us” banner placed on the main page as I am the co-founder […]

The Law of e-Commerce

It was the beginning of 2000s. President of the Consumers Association of the period had asked me to be a speaker at a seminar they organized in order to inform consumers on the Internet and e-commerce. I accepted with great happiness. Because all the people who invested on internet and trying to do something were being […]

The Agenda

When I returned from my military service in Feb, 2006, sahibinden.com was turning around chasing tails. My best friend at that time brought a new general manager to the company that we established in 2000 .The company was changing from the American company model that I was trying to set for years into what we call […]