Saint Joseph

Culture is what is left after we forgot what we learned.
Knowing by heart does not exactly mean knowing.

Saint Joseph High School is a place where you can deeply examine such notions.

The basis of your life is built while you are 12-18 years of age. Saint Joseph not only teaches how to inquire, discuss and learn but […]

Motivation Techniques

I was creating excuses to go to a cafe in the evenings while I was planning the web operation for Tchibo. Besides testing different coffee types, I was trying to have an idea by watching the customer base of the coffee brands.


If you are to implement a web operation for an existing brand, you have to […]

Present Less Options To Sell More

When you enter a big supermarket, you see tons of products that you can buy. Television, sausage, sugar, tomatoes, meat, toaster, kettle, cola whatever you say . Having more options and variety makes people happier. We prefer places with more varieties than less.

Iyenger and Lepper, when studying on “Choice” understand that having too many options is […]